the future

We what you see, we deliver what you want. Aspiring together to reach new boundaries we skyrocket together towards the most lucrative future businesses crave for. Fueling businesses through the power of imagination, we at cloud innovators solutions put the creativity and innovative ideas into action. Through immense dedication, commitment and integrity we delivery exactly what customers want.

Accountability . commitment . empowerment . trust . integrity


We aspire to provide strategic marketing with proficient services that are employee and customer centric in order to bring best value to your buisness.


Cloud innovator solution has been busy envisioning the future of our clients since 2010. Excelling in solutions and experience in delivering, Cloud Innovator Solutions has been in line with growth prospects for both, client and the company. The company is regarded as one of the leading Information Technology and Marketing organization, which lays strong emphasis on trust. Integrity and respect in its glorious 7-year tenure.

"Striving to become a trendsetter in marketing and it industry"

our aim

We strive towards providing the best solutions for our customer’s business. Customer satisfaction and providing highly integrated solutions has been and always will be our number one priority. We deliver by giving birth to enhanced productivity, efficiency above and beyond the values and norms of the industry which is triangulated with cutting-edge solutions, making businesses expand beyond assumed boundaries.

who we are

Could innovators solution (cis) is a group of talented professionals each of which brings a unique perspective and passion for the work they do. Team of; developers, project managers, content writers, marketers and designers, who have promulgated cis into the limelight of instant stardom. Cis is regarded as one of the leading information technology and marketing organization in pakistan with strong emphasis on trust, respect and integrity.


goals of the company

Goals of could innovators solution is to be number 1 provider of web solutions in pakistan, to treat all our clients, partners with utmost respect and dignity. Our goals incorporate flexibility and adaptability in our work; subsequently maintain profitability without compromising relationships and reputation, and ensuring our products are delivered as promised.

what we do

Our team of professional’s works dedicatedly provides high quality standards of work. With our competence and expertise we ensure to deliver the best quality of work to our clients. Capable to serve any business solution thrown at cis with utmost dedication and precision. This helps in galvanizing operations of a business subsequently achieving success.


strong alone. unstopable together.


The research department of cloud innovator solution use techniques ranging from surveys, focus groups, statistical analysis of data mining, market research to study preferences and market sentiments to provide the best quality of work to our clients.



The development department of cloud innovators solution keeps a hawk-eye on the new techniques and helps inculcate them in order to provide the best web-site development experience for the client. Here at cloud innovators we develop websites that works looks beautiful and is destined to capture the attention and hearts of the customers of our clients.



The mandate of the administration department at CIS includes office management and running transport management security and safety. The administration department works with dedication to provide the best working and professional environment for our employees and clients who work with.



THe marketing department of CIS works in close relation with our valued clients. It has the overall responsibility to keep a bird’s eye view on the operations to ensure that all the demands and wishes of the clients are fulfilled. The marketing department is also responsible to be on a lookout for new opportunities for growth and development of the company and clients.



The creative department at CIS feels pride in defining new boundaries of creativity in terms of innovative strategies and practices that boosts and uplifts web designing and its effectiveness. The creative department is responsible for designing and creating animations for the clients.


social media

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